Get Ready!  Classes start next week.

  1. L-O-V-E
  2. F-A-I-T-H
  3. F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P
  4. C-O-U-R-A-G-E
  5. C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R
  6. E-X-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N
Summer Store Hours
The studio's store will be open during the month of August on Tuesdays 4-7pm & Thursdays 10-2pm. 
Come checkout our new dance clothes.
Happenings & Events
Make A Payment
Ready for the new dance year? Classes begin on Tuesday, September 6th.

Due to increased recital costs the Stage Fee will increase to $70 per family for 16/17.  This is our first increase in Stage Fees in several years.

Beginner Shag Lessons
Starting September 9th we will be offering beginner shag lessons.
Classes will be on Friday nights from 7:30 - 8:30 pm for 6 weeks.  Cost is $120 for couple/$60 for single.  Sign up here!

Quote by:
Kelly Scott

"Dance is important because it is another means of communication and it gives students an outlet of expression.  Dance also gives students self-confidence, even the shyest kids will lift their chin when they dance."