Combination Classes

Tumbling - 3 years through 12th Grades

Ages 3 to 5 year olds

Tumbling will focus on skills from your basic rolls to advanced back handsprings and tucks depending on the child’s individual skill level. Classes are always creative, energetic and fun!  Tumbling provides great building blocks for body control and muscle development that will prove useful in any athletic activity for life, especially for dance. 
*Tumbing is priced separatley than dance classes.  See Tuition and fees.
Students enjoy Ballet, Tap and a bit of Jazz each week.  This class is great for the younger students because it exposes them to many different types of dance so they can better recognize the style that they enjoy the most. The combination class is ideal for younger children because they have such short attention spans.  A Saturday observation day is held in January for family members, so they can see all the wonderful things the students have been learning!



1st through 12th Grades

1st through 12th Grades

Ballet is at the core of any and all dance forms. Ballet is a graceful and disciplined art.  It focuses on stature, grace and poise.  Barre work is typically done to classical music, but the recital and combinations can be performed to classical or contemporary pieces.  The older students enjoy expanding on their knowledge and exploring more diverse styles such as Modern and Contemporary within their Ballet classes, keeping class fresh and exciting.
Jazz is a highly energized and exciting dance form. Strong technique is still involved in Jazz, but it is less disciplined and can be very stylized. Jazz is typically done to fast, popular music. The older students enjoy expanding on their Jazz knowledge and exploring diverse styles ranging from very Classical Jazz to Hip Hop, keeping class fresh and interesting every week!



1st through 12th Grades

3rd through Adult

Tap focuses on creating rhythmic sounds with the feet. Special shoes are worn with taps on the heels and toes which create amazing sounds when combined. Tap can be  performed to Broadway or popular music.
Clogging is similar to tap dance, however very different. Originating in the Appalachian Mountains, it is now performed throughout the world.  Clogging is perfomed on the downbeat (opposite of tap) of various types of energetic music.  It is somewhat known as the "melting pot" of step dances and is a blast to learn! The impressive precision footwork is a definate crowd pleaser.



6th through 12th Grades

6th through 12th Grades

Contemporary dance is a combination of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet performed to various styles of music.  It stresses versatility and improvisation, which is very unlike its structured cousin, ballet.  Contemporary dance strives to connect the fluid movement of the body to the music. It is often done in bare feet but ballet shoes or toe thongs are also used.
**Contemporary cannot be taken as a single class.  Because of the intricate nature of the class you must be enrolled in another dance class to participate.  Additional dance class can include ballet, technique or jazz.
Pointe is very similar to ballet but is performed on the tips of the toes in special Pointe shoes. This class is very strenuous and requires a great deal of Ballet based technique and very strong ankles. Pointe is not a class that every student can take.  Some feet are just not designed to wear Pointe shoes.  In order to participate in the Pointe classes, students must have approval from Courtney. These students are also required to take separate ballet and technique classes in order to master the skills necessary for Pointe.
*Pointe I students must have 2 or less years of experience.
**Pointe II students must have 3 or more years of experience.


Hip Hop

5th through 12th Grades

7th through 12th Grades

Technique is a required class for anyone taking Pointe or Elite classes. This class is specifically designed to concentrate on the building blocks necessary to achieve proper dance technique. This class is essential in achieving the maximum potential in each dancer. Technique class does not perform a separate recital piece.
Hip Hop is a popular, energetic style of dance usually performed to hip hop music.  Dance Arts’ style of hip hop is fun, challenging, appropriate and very G-rated.  Courtney approved hip hop will be funky dance moves influenced by many factors such as popping, locking, and swag, then personalized by Mrs. Kelly.  Come join our first ever hip hop class!

Junior Elite Ballet and Jazz

Elite Ballet, Jazz and Tap

6th through 12 Grades (no experience)

7th through 12 Grades (1 year experience required)

These classes are more advanced for students who wish to further challenge themselves in dance. Elite works at a faster pace and focuses heavily on technique. Due to the intense nature of these classes students are only allowed 5 absences per year. If more than 5 classes are missed students will not be allowed to perform in the recital piece, unless private lessons are scheduled. Students in these classes should have a passion for dance that goes beyond most. Students interested in Elite are required to enroll in the regular dance class as well as a Technique class. 
In addition, any student that enrolls in the Elite classes will receive a list of required skills. These skills must be demonstrated for Courtney or Kelly during the designated evaluation period, which is generally 6 weeks after classes have started. During the first 6 weeks of classes, these skills will be worked on extensively.  If these skills are not mastered, the student will be asked to withdraw from the Elite class. It needs to be understood that these classes are not meant for everyone, and students need to realize that there is nothing wrong with continuing to dance in the regular classes. Elite is a serious commitment and must be treated as such.