2019 Dance Recital
Recital Date: May 3 & 4
Time: 6pm
Doors will open at 5:30  ***No one will be allowed into the auditorium prior to 5:30***
Location: The Dunn Center for Performing Arts on NC Wesleyan’s Campus
Length of show: Roughly 2.5 hours including intermission
No tickets are required
Practice Dates: April 29 & 30
Time: See Schedule
Location: The Dunn Center for Performing Arts
Length: Elementary and Pre-K dancers are free to leave once they have practiced all their dances on stage and the instructor says you are free to leave.  If you have an Elementary or Pre-K age child, please plan to remain at the Dunn Center with your child during their class time.  Our practice time will only take about 15 minutes per class.  Please do not leave your child unattended during the time when they are not on stage.  Dance Arts staff will be busy taking payments and helping with rehearsals and we don’t want anything to happen to any child in the chaos of so many people around.

***Middle and High School students may be asked to remain for additional practice after the last scheduled practices on April 29th and 30th***

Please note: Costumes are NOT worn on Practice Dates; regular class attire is appropriate.

Dress Rehearsal Dates: May 1 & 2
Time: Dress Rehearsal will start promptly at 5pm.  All Dancers need to be dressed in costume and ready to go by 4:30
Location: The Dunn Center for Performing Arts
Length: The Finale will be practiced first, so once your child has completed all their dances, you are free to leave. We do try to run the numbers in show order, so please be patient. 
Dressing Room Assignments: All Elementary age dancers will use the black room on the right hand side of the stage.  Middle school dancers will use the Conference room located in the hallway on the left hand side of the auditorium.  All high school dancers will use the rooms behind the elementary dressing room.
Important Information
  • All accounts must have a ZERO balance by April 30, 2019 in order to participate in dress rehearsal and the recital.  If you have a balance on your account, see Paige, Donna or Robin prior to your dress rehearsal to pay.  We will NOT be able to take any credit card payments at the Dunn Center.  If you need to pay with a credit card in the studio you must pay your balance by April 18th.  This will be our last day at the studio as we are closed the week of April 22nd for Spring Break and all practices the week of April 29th are at the Dunn Center.  You may pay at the Dunn Center with CASH or a MONEY ORDER only.  If you would like to pay with a credit card you may still pay on the website, but the payment must be made by April 30th.
  • No seats can be saved from dress rehearsal or from the previous night’s show.  All items left in the auditorium will be collected and placed in the Lost and Found.
  • Seats are reserved for Senior parents and Dance Arts Staff.  Please do not remove signs from reserved seats or sit in reserved seats.  Senior Parents, please see Paige, Donna or Robin on Thursday night to reserve your seats for the recital.
  • Cassidy Harris will be joining us again for hair and makeup. If you wish to have hair and/or make-up done, you MUST make an appointment prior to the show and please be on time! The cost is $15 for hair and $15 for make-up. There are a limited number of spots available and they are filling up quickly.
  • While specific hair/makeup is not assigned to each class, I do encourage your child to look their best.  An appropriate amount of makeup can highlight your child’s facial features resulting in better stage, picture, and video quality.  Hairstyles with their hair pulled back, off their face, will also result in better dancing ability, as well as best appearance.  Please consider these suggestions.
  • Please save no more than 8 seats once the auditorium is open.
  • DVDs will be for sale at the Dunn Center, however, it is highly recommended that you order in advance. The price is $35 if ordered by April 30th and $40 if ordered after April 30th. If you want to pay for your DVD with a credit card you must pay in the studio by April 18th.  We will not be able to process credit cards at the Dunn Center.  If you order your DVD at the Dunn Center you must pay with cash or check.
  • Our Flower lady, Mrs. Brenda Pridgen, will be at both shows selling florist grade flowers at a wonderful price.  Please see email for prices.
  • If you have an elementary age dancer, please have them in the black dressing room on the right side of the stage, ready to perform, 3 dances before their number.  As soon as they are done performing, please return to the dressing room to pick them up so that they may enjoy the show with you. They will not be allowed to leave the dressing room without an adult, so please pick them up promptly.
  • All 3 year old combo students will have their name posted on a seat at the front left side of the auditorium.  All 3 year old combo students will wear ballet shoes only.  They will perform both of their dances (ballet and tap) back to back wearing their ballet shoes.   3 year old combo classes perform near the beginning of either Act 1 or Act 2. 
    • If your 3 year old combo class performs in Act 1 please bring your 3 year old to their assigned seat at 5:30 wearing their ballet shoes.
    • If your 3 year old combo performs in Act 2 please have your child sit with you during Act 1.  Bring them to their assigned seat wearing their ballet shoes during Intermission.
  • Immediately upon the completion of their dances you should pick them up in the hallway on the left side of the stage.They are free to leave or you may have them sit with you to enjoy the remainder of the recital.
  • 4 and 5 year old combo students will perform 1 dance in Act 1 and their 2nd dance in Act 2.  All 4 and 5 year old combo students will have a seat with their name posted on it near the front left side of the auditorium.  Please find their seat prior to the start of the show, put on the shoes listed on their name sign, and leave them with the assistants in that section. Immediately upon the completion of their dance, please come pick them up from the hallway on the left-hand side of the auditorium, where they come off the stage, so that they may enjoy the show with you.  If they are in a 4 or 5 year old class, they should sit with you until intermission, then be returned to their assigned seat with their appropriate shoes at the conclusion of intermission.   They will perform their other number, they are then free to leave.  (unless they are to receive a 3 years of dance award, then they will need to stay until the finale)
  • Awards are given out after the Finale.  Awards are given for a child’s completion of their 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 15th year of dancing with Dance Arts.  If your child should receive an award this year please notify the front desk by Thursday, March 21st.  Last year several people failed to notify us until the dress rehearsal.  Programs go to the printer in early April so if we are not notified, your child’s name will not be listed in the Awards section of the program.
  • Please take your child to the bathroom before dropping them off in their appropriate area.
  • There will be 3 rows reserved in the front section of the auditorium for taking photos.  When your child is about to dance, ONE parent may move down and sit in the reserved section to get good photos.  At the conclusion of your child’s dance please move back to your seat to allow other parents the opportunity to sit and take photos of their child.
Theater Etiquette
We appreciate your cooperation in helping us run a smooth and enjoyable recital!  Following these basic and common sense guidelines will ensure a successful show and quality videography of the performances. 
  • Please do not leave your seat during a dance, please be courteous to others and leave between dances. All parents and family members want to see their dancer from the best vantage point for their entire dance, without interruption.  Please respect this and DO NOT walk in front of, leave your seat or return to your seat while a dance is in progress.  You do not know who’s view you are interrupting when you are moving through the auditorium during a dance.  Also, cameras filming for the DVD are stationed in the back section of the auditorium.  If you move in front of the cameras during a dance this will diminish the quality of the videography.
  • If a dance is performing when you return to the auditorium, please do not stand in the doorway.  This is a fire code violation. You may, however, work your way down the wall of the auditorium until the dance is over, and then return to your seat.
  • If you have a child who is crying, please exit the auditorium ASAP.
  • Please silence all cell phones.
  • Be considerate of the people around you.  Do not allow children to play in the aisles or on the steps.  Do not allow children to continuously get up and down out of their seats.  We understand children may get restless.  Please take them for a walk outside of the auditorium to release their energy.  This will avoid disruptions for the audience members seated near you.  Do not put your feet on the seats in front of you or walk over or on the seats.
  • The back row of the front section has open spaces beside seats for guests in wheelchairs.  Please do not sit in these seats unless you are accompanying someone in a wheelchair.
  • No fathers, brothers, grandfathers or other males will be allowed in the dressing rooms.  If you need help getting your dancer dressed, please ask one of the dressing room attendants, they will be glad to assist your dancer.
  • NO FOOD or BEVERAGE (including water) is allowed in the auditorium of the Dunn Center.  Please respect this Dunn Center policy and exit the auditorium if you need to eat or drink.
  • Only water and non-staining snacks should be eaten while in costume. 
  • Please be respectful and courteous to our Dance Arts Staff and Volunteers
The Recital Is For Everyone!
When everyone puts the children first, the recital experience is one they’ll never forget.  We appreciate your compliance with the guidelines in this information and hope the 2019 Dance Arts Recital will be as fun and exciting for you as it is for all our staff.  Thank you for working with us to create a memorable experience through performance for all our students.  Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.  The more informed everyone is, the smoother the recital will run!  It’s going to be a great show!!