Our Policies
Studio Policies

  1. A service fee of $25 is applied to all returned checks.
  2. Proper dancewear and shoes are required for all classes and camps.
  3. If a student or parent is disrespectful or mistreats our faculty or other students they will be asked to withdraw from class(s) and camp(s) without refund. 
  4. Payments can be made through our web portal or in person at the studio during normal business hours.  If paying by check make checks payable to: Dance Arts of Rocky Mount, Inc.  Mail to 1248 N. Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27804.
  5. All accounts must be current for costumes, pictures or other merchandize to be taken home.
  6. Dance Arts of Rocky Mount, Inc. accommodates students of all ages and levels.  Our main objective is to teach students to enjoy dancing in a noncompetitive atmosphere.  At the same time, we offer additional classes for those students who wish to further challenge themselves.  Students gain a love for dance, self-confidence, and skills that will prove helpful throughout their lives!
  7. Any pictures taken may be used on the website or for advertising purposes.

Dance Class & Camp Policies

  1. Monthly tuition must be paid by the FIRST of the month.  A late fee of $25 will be added to your account after the 10th of the month.  There are nine full tuition payments beginning September 1st and ending with the May 1st payment.  (**In 2018 due to an earlier recitial date, tuition will start in August and end in April.)  Tuition is not discounted for missed classes; inclement weather or scheduled holiday breaks just as you are not charged more for extra Saturday rehearsals and for months in which you receive more than four classes.  You may drop your payment in the mail to 1248 N Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27804 or to the front desk. You may also pay online at danceartsofrm.com.  If the studio is closed for any reason your payment due date DOES NOT CHANGE, so please mail your payment if you wish to avoid a late fee.
  2. Monthly payments are due until the studio is notified in writing that the student must withdraw from class.  If notification of withdrawal is not given by the first of the month, payment is due for that month.
  3. Students who choose to participate in the dance recital are required to purchase a costume.  (1/2) of the costume fee is due in October and the balance in November, unless enrolled in costume payment plan B.  Students who withdraw by November 1st will receive a costume refund.  Students who withdraw after this date are responsible for the remaining costume balance. Costumes are ordered in November. Costumes will not be ordered for any dancer with a balance owed on their account.  There is no guarantee a costume will be available if it must be ordered late because of an outstanding balance on the account.  Costumes shall remain the property of the Studio until all outstanding balances are paid in full (this includes, but is not limited to, tuition fees, late payment fees, returned check fees, and stage fees).
  4. Registration fees are nonrefundable.  Stage fee is refundable until March 1, unless a balance is owed on the account.
  5. Rather than selling tickets to the recital, a stage fee of $80 is charged to each family.  The stage fee covers the cost of the auditorium rent, backdrops, scenery, props, programs, lighting, audio equipment, and recital staff.  All friends and family are invited to the recital at no charge.  Only one stage fee is charged per family regardless of the number of children participating.
  6. Students are not allowed to participate in the dance recitals unless their accounts are PAID IN FULL.
  7. The studio reserves the right to exclude any dancer from the recital who has not met the required number of classes to participate. 
  8. Class or camp visitors can be distracting and intimidating to many students, no visitors are allowed.  An observation day for the combination classes will be held in January.  Parents are welcome to observe all the rehearsals at the recital location.  Parents will be notified of any camps that have observation times.

Attendance Policy for Middle and High School age classes

It is vitally important for dancers to come to class each week.  When there are a substantial number of absences it affects everyone.  The absentee dancer has difficulty learning the routine, it makes choreography difficult for the instructors, and it affects the other student’s ability to perform when the person near them is not there.  Middle and High school choreography involves much more than just standing in rows performing steps.  The dancers are moving all over the stage in different formations and there are intricate steps and/or stunts that require everyone to be present most of the time.  It is impossible to make-up missed practices with private lessons because the dancers are often performing moves that depend upon one another.  For this reason, we are instituting an attendance policy for all Middle and High School classes.  Much of the recital choreography is complete by January and it becomes vitally important for the dancers to be present.

The attendance policy will be in effect from January thru May for all MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL classes.

  • Dancers shall miss no more than 6 regular classes from January-May and no more than 2 of those absences shall occur in a month.
  • Dancers shall miss no more than 1 of the Extra Saturday Practices scheduled in the 2nd semester.
  • Dancers in Elite classes shall miss no more than 5 classes during the course of the entire year.  If an elite dancer misses more than the allowed number of classes they will be required to schedule a private lesson with the instructor.  The price for a private lesson is $50/hour.

Please advise Courtney and the Instructor if your child has a medical situation that impacts her ability to dance or that might cause her to miss more than the allowed number of classes.  We will work to help any dancer with a medical issue so she will not fall behind in class.

Any dancer missing more than the allowed number of classes is at risk of being dropped from the class and the recital.  This decision will be at the sole discretion of Courtney and the Instructor for the class.